Harveian Oration 2020 by Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe - 20th Oct, 2020, 5:30 pm (UK)

The Harveian Oration

The Harveian Oration was established in 1656 by William Harvey (1578–1657). Each year, the RCP continues the tradition by inviting a leading doctor or scientist to speak on issues relating to their field of work.

The Harveian Oration 2020 is being delivered by Nobel laureate Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe. Maintenance of oxygen homeostasis is a fundamental challenge for all large organisms. Following William Harvey’s De motu cordis, it is now established that the lungs, heart and blood circulation have all evolved to meet the challenge of maintaining oxygen homeostasis across the body’s circa 40 trillion cells. Sir Peter will trace these discoveries through to atomic scale resolution of an ‘oxygen sensing’ process that underpins many of the adaptive responses to low oxygen, which are made in human physiology and disease. He will discuss the extent to which reductionist biology of this type can or cannot inform medicine discovery.

5.30pm  Welcome
Professor Andrew Goddard

5.33pm  Medal presentation
Professor Andrew Goddard

5.35pm Introduction to the Harveian Oration
Professor Andrew Goddard

5.40pm  Elucidation of molecular oxygen-sensing mechanisms in human cells: implications for medicine
Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, director of clinical research, Francis Crick Institute and director, Target Discovery Institute

6.40pm  Closing remarks

6.45pm  End of session

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